Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hoffman 2008........the most demanding doll ever!

And then there was the Hoffman Challenge......talk about feet-stamping-dolls. Don't they say lightning never strikes twice....well I can tell you it does! Please be aware that this story is not suitable for people with a weak stomach or those who are reading while munching on something yummy. Tissues might be needed as it has brought people to tears before.

Attempt 1
This taught me an important lesson: Don't start working on your doll before you've got all your fabrics.
For this years Hoffman challenge I decided to
make a very elegant dancing flapper girl. So I ordered the fabric and started making the doll. She was all ready to be dressed when the fabric arrived. Disaster, all my peacocks were cut in half not a single whole one and they couldn't be matched up either. There was no way that this girl was going to be covered by the peacocks I had. Solution: start again and make a smaller doll.

Attempt 2
This also taught me an important lesson: Never forget that I can't paint.
I was working on the second doll and was doing a full body paint. I put on coat after coat and sanded and sanded when I realized that I forgot one vital thing
I can't paint to save my life.

Attempt 3
Another very important lesson: Always, always be kind to your dog.
(It might be a good idea to put the cookies away now)
My dog had been moaning and whining all day and nothing seemed to keep him quiet. He didn't want to go for a walk, eat or drink. He just kept whining all day long. I was working on doll number three when the phone went. I left my doll on the sofa and answered the phone. During the whole conversation the dog was sitting in front of me crying. When I put the phone down I was so fed up with him, I sternly told him off. Now I should tell you he is very sensitive to any form of raised voices....... So he took a run and a jump onto the sofa and then the nature of his problem became apparant....the poor thing was severely constipated and the run and jump (or was it the sound of my voice) relieved him of the problem right on top of doll number 3.

Attempt 4
Another important lesson: Don't listen to your dolls demands!
Whilst working on doll number four I realized that my elegant flapper girl had turned in
to a somewhat flabby lady. So it was time to let go of my ideas and believe me she told me what she wanted. Lots of beading, appliques and gold thread for starters and when I dared to think about almost done she really started to stamp her feet. A flying carpet, pillows, an Arabian village to fly over this girl really knew what she wanted. And when I was really really done. She demanded palm trees and a camel. I drew the line at the camel otherwise I wouldn't have made the deadline. But I could still hear her scream at me after I put her in the box!


Shashi Nayagam said...

Welcome to the blogging world.
Your Gypsy is awesome and don't be surprised if she comes home with a prize!

Coppermouse Dolls said...

What an amazing story! Thank you for sharing. Love your doll and best of luck to you. :)

Tami said...

Oooooh, this is such an amazing doll. I think the way you've made her display is incredible!

I found your blog via Deanna Hogan's blog and have awarded you a Brilliante Weblog Award:

Good luck with your Hoffman entry .. it's gorgeous!

Connie Ortiz said...

"Hoffman 2008...the most demanding doll ever!" Dolls are demanding, especially Gypsy dolls that can't make up their mind what they want to wear. I love your stuff.


Carla said...

What a story!! I think I would have quit after the dog. I'd have been in tears and stomping my own feet. The doll turned out so lovely!

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