Monday, July 4, 2011

Creations in Fiber 2011

What can I say about Creations in Fibers?
That it's the most fabulous doll conference, with the most fantastic organizers, the best teachers and the most wonderful attendees? I still wouldn't do it justice.

The 2011 conference surpassed itself again, the dolls where fabulous!
The theme was "the enchanted forest", people who know me will know by now that I am not very good with themes, especially the enchanted ones. But as soon as I heard this years theme I knew what I was going to make.
I collect pictures that I find interesting and of things that I might use one day, this ranges from artwork, to nature, to old wrinkly hands and feet. In my collection are pictures of a series of paintings by Monet of a weeping willow. So a weeping willow it was.....

I will take some better pictures soon.....

Too my great surprise she won "Judges Choice"
and "Best in Show". I really didn't expect this. De standard of the dolls was so high and my willow wasn't even finished yet when we arrived in Albuquerque.

 Another doll I had with me was my little Indian doll
He previously travelled with the Hoffman challenge and was a table doll at the final banquet.
He got sold in the auction (with all proceeds going to CIFI).

As always we finished the conference with a trip to Pamela Armas fabulous home and shop. It's the most wondrous place and an Alladins cave for anyone who loves fabrics and trims.
There I couldn't stop myself and bought a Gypsy challenge pack (amongst a whole bag of other things) and believe it or not again I knew exactly what to make.
So my hands are itching to start making new dolls.
This time I will keep you posted, promise!

For anyone who would like to see more CIFI pictures, go to:
Tony has uploaded a gazillion pictures.