Monday, September 20, 2010

Autumn scarf, online class

At Cifi Jean Bernard asked me if I was interested in writing an online class.
That was an exciting, but also terrifying proposition.
So I thought I dip my toe in the water with an easy, but fun to do project.
A lacey autumn scarf. In this workshop we will make our own lacy fabric to create a piece of wearable art.
For more information go to

The ghosts of my past hold the key to my future

Jean bernard sent me a picture of a doll's arm made of wire (go and see here at , she is a fabulous artist). So this wire hand started bugging me. I got out my wires and started bending and twisting and soldering and ended up with a complete doll made out of wire.
The wire frame is covered with fiber optics, so she lights up at night. Unfortunately  I can't seem to capture that in a picture.
Here face is made of air dry clay and Jean's Olivia mold.
You might wonder why the name "Ghosts of the past hold the key to my future"?
Well she is wearing the key around her neck, but the real secret is in the cape.

The cape is transfer printed with cuttings from my scrapbook from the time I was a horse rider.
The clippings refer to shows that I've won. Over this I added a picture of me and Nicky, my most successful horse. And last but not least a picture of my dad.
He was always there with me, every training and every show.
After transfer printing the picture onto silk I added stitching and lots of bling.
She even got a blingy rosette on her hood.