Thursday, October 23, 2008

The broken column

It's been a while since my last post. Besides working full time, I'm following a study at the moment, so not much time to play. But when I heard about Sherry Goshon's challenge I couldn't resist.
The challenge was to either make a day-of-the-dead doll or a doll inspired by Frida Kahlo.
I started of making a d.o.d. doll.......honest, he is laying here half made his bones are rattling in anger......but I guess Frida was stamping her feet just a little louder.
And it all started with this painting.

This is a doll of new experiences for me.......
Most people start their dollmaking career with a flat faced doll, I've never done a flat faced doll before. Being severely paint-brush-challenged I found it much easier to work on 3dimensional faces.
So I cheated....I printed Frida's face on fabric and then
worked over it with both pastel- and watercolour pencils.
And here is the result..... a bit strange maybe?
(Just click on the pictures for a larger view.)



Shashi Nayagam said...

Agnes what can I say!!! It is an awesome doll. You captured everything about that painting in your doll. Now you know that your flat face painting is as good as your 3D faces. It is beautifuly done Well done.

Jackie said...

Great job Agnes. You captured the painting perfectly....and in time to enter the challenge.
Good luck.

Connie Ortiz said...

You did it again, Agnes.


Anonymous said...

She is fantastic,good luck in the challenge!!

Patti said...

I'm currently working on a Frida doll and came across your blog. This is just a fantastic piece! I love it. Can you tell me... are any of the other dolls that were entered in that challenge posted online somewhere? I need inspiration!

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