Tuesday, July 15, 2008

About balloons............

I was one of the very lucky people who won a scholarship on Mary Tressler's site. That made that I could attend Creations in Fiber in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Mary is a fantastic dollmaker and a marvelous teacher.
can't thank her and the great people of CIFI enough for the wonderful time I had.

I took several dolls with me. That in itself was enough to make customs very curious. But when I was making them I never thought for one second what stir
three dolls wired with christmas lights might cause when they go through an X-ray machine!
Here are some pictures of my challenge doll.
She was travelling to the party in her very own balloon.
This lucky girl never made it back home. She is living at Sherry Goshon's house. Just to think of all the fantastic dolls that surround her now!

As you can see this was one of my feet stamping dolls.
She demanded a leather, matching boots and cap. She also needed two
pieces of luggage, one for all her fabric and trims that she would need at the convention. And one for her clothes (not visible in the picture). Just click on the pics for a larger view.


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