Friday, October 23, 2009

Time to experiment

As you might have gathered from my previous posts I can be a rather strange person. One of my quirks is that I buy some of the weirder and more wonderful materials and then won't try them out, "because it would be a shame to waste them". And since these materials will never amount to anything without some serious experimentation, they end up in my "one-day-I-will"-cupboard.Being in dolly limbo after all the big challenges, I needed something fun and uncomplicated to play I decided that it was about time I lost some of my weird quirks......and here is experiment no.1.

Oh.....can't tell you about experiment no.1 before telling you about another quirk....I never keep any of the patterns I make or ideas that I come up with.
Once they are made that's it......over the years I've bought a pile of folders with all the right intentions, but they always got filled up with stuff, but never with my stuff. So experiment no. 1 was intended to kill 2 quirks in one go...make a folder cover and use some previously unused strange materials.....

Well here it is........

No doubts who this folder belongs to!

The border is made from lutradur, first painted in a shimmery gray and then painted with some copper enamel I had laying about. After that I ironed on some Angelina fibers (he that's two experiments in one!)
The interesting proporties of lutradur show when it's heated. So where it that blasted heatgun.......hmm.....
after 2 hours searching and much frustration I was so fed up that I picked up the whole piece and held it over the stove. This created an interesting effect!
Hmmm....maybe a bit more distance from the flames.....(he, it is an experiment!)
So instead of my nice square piece of lutradur, that should show some delicate lacing effects I ended up with this....frame???

So I had a frame now....but what to put in it?
I wanted to try a fabric portrait for a while, but as I could envision the repercussions if I would mess up, I decided the safest way to go was to use my own portrait....and there you have it....a folder that I never have to write my name on, an experiment with lutradur and angelina fibers and an experiment in fabric portraits! No I just have to write it all down and put it in the folder.