Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Something a little different......autumn leaves

I really had to come up with an idea for a long overdue present.
Jean Bernard who's not only a fabulous artist, a great teacher, but also a very nice person, sent me a box of the most scrumptious fabrics a few months ago and I still hadn't thought of anything I could sent her, seeing as she is not a doll collector.....
But after getting both the Hoffman challenge doll and the Treasures of the gypsy doll out of the way I ran out of excuses and had t
o put my thinking cap on.
If there is anything Jean is good at it is to pry people out of their boxes, so it couldn't be anything box standard. Then I thought of the face molds I won in the silent auction at CIFI '08, Jean donated a whole pack of her face molds and instructional cd's. And ideas started to flow..... and here is the
result....a pin.....
There are tiny beads, pewter arm charms, a California jasper cabochon, copper leaf, some kind of weird bandage-like fabric, unspoon silk, glitters, paints and glue.
And yeah, there is some stitching there too!

What can I say........I just really hope she likes it!


Jackie said...

Beautiful, Agnes. I'm sure Jean will treasure is always.

ruthanne said...

That is a neat doll pin Agnes. I have 20 doll pins to make for my doll club by Christmas. Of course they must be quick or I will never get them done.

Jean Benrard said...

MINE ? MINE MINE MINE ? awwwwwwwww Olga! you are too sweet and I will indeed cherish my first Olga collectable. She will hang in my studio so I can see you each morning. Love her! of course I LOVE all the textures and colors too. MINE MINE MINE ! woooooooohoooooooooooo and thank you so much :p

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