Saturday, November 8, 2008

My missing doll

This was my entry for the Hoffman 2007 challenge. After travelling with the exhibition for a year she disapeared on her return journey to me.
I surprised myself how upset I was by this.
When I sold my miniature teddy bears I couldn't wait for them to leave the house, I could always only see what I could have done better.....I guess I got a bit older and wiser since then.

Anyway I thought Bekabhantu deserves a place on my blog. So here she is....with her little baby boy.


Connie Ortiz said...

Hi Agnes,
When did you get her back? How much was the ransom? Details, please.


Jackie said...

I'm sorry to hear you still haven't received your doll. She is a wonderful piece and I hope she will be returned to you soon.
Thanks for sharing the photos.

Shashi Nayagam said...

I would be upset too if this gorgeous lady disappeared and she is gorgeous. Do you think she might have eloped with someone or has she been whisked away by a tall dark handsome man. But I do hope she comes back to you.

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